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Left to right, Twoearle, Aika Tsube, and Souji Mitsuka, as they are shown in the manga.

Ore, Twintail ni Narimasu. Pai


Chapter Overview

On the first day back to high school, Souji Mitsuka is in seventh heaven. He is a fan of the girls' hair style of twin tails, and today he is assessing all of the girls who today chose to wear twin tails to school. His childhood friend, a girl named Aika Tsube, goes along with Souji's questionable 'hobby', if only because she is infatuated with him. During the school's opening ceremony, Souji relishes the view of the President of the Student Council on the podium, who has long corkscrew twin tails. Later in class, when asked to suggest a school club to join, Souji writes down that there should be a 'Twin Tail Admirer's Club'! That afternoon, after school, in the restaurant that his mother owns and operates, Souji and Aika are recounting all that happened on this first day of school. Unknown to them, a mature young woman is spying on them from another table. Turns out she wants Soji to accept and wear a special bracelet, for some yet unknown purpose. Souji is puzzled, whereas Aika is very skeptical.

The young woman, named Twoearle, is actually an alien woman from another alternate dimension. She wants to recruit Souji in an intergalactic battle with other, very nasty, monstrous beings. To show what is happening, Twoearle teleports the three of them to a scene where the monsters are actively taking away the ability of little and teenage girls to wear their hair in twin tails. This greatly angers Souji, who now agrees to wear the bracelet, and join in the resistance battle. Souji sees for themselves how the President of the Student Council, Erina, has her twin tails undone, and she is stripped of any desire to wear them ever again. Souji is so fired up and mad at the monster, that he single-evenhandedly confronts the monster, called an Elemelian and named Lizardguildy. Souji orders Lizardguildy to give back the girls' desire for twin tails, but the monster only blows off Souji as an unimportant, pesky nuisance. This so infuriates Souji, that he agrees to transition into battle mode by means of a Henshin (Transformation Sequence). This he does without hesitation. Soon, a Twin Tailed Warrior, who looks like a little girl wearing her hair in twin tails, and wearing a somewhat erotic and revealing battle maidens costume, confronts Lizardguildy.

The Twin Tailed Warrior dispatches Lizardguildy into a brick wall, which subsequently collapses. The Twin Tailed Warrior, standing in a parking lot, per chance, sees themselves in the outside mirror of a parked mini-van. Lo and behold, Souji has transformed INTO A TWIN TAILED TEEN-AGED FEMALE WARRIOR. SOJI IS NOW A TWIN TAILED GIRL !!!!!!! Twoearle and Aika have been looking on, and taking in all the action that has been happening. Twoearle is giddy with delight that Souji has become a female Twin Tailed Warrior, whereas Aika is filled with dread and apprehension.

This Chapter's Story

Souji and childhood friend Akia.

Souji Mitsuka (15) is daydreaming. Pointed and vivid. Daydreaming about the one thing that is so close to his heart---the girl's hairstyle of twin tails. It was the first day of the new high school year, and late afternoon finds Souji at his home, that also serves as a restaurant, dressed in his school uniform, and supposedly ready for the dinner meal. Souji and his childhood friend, a girl named Aika Tsube (15), are at the dinner table, with Aika, also in her school uniform, eating curry. But Souji is in a world all his own, as many words and images take a leisurely stroll through his mind---

I have been thinking about this for as long as I can remember.........the world is beautiful because it holds girls who wear their hair in twin tails........this hairstyle is my everything.........To put it broadly, the girl's hairstyle known as twin tails is where two ponytails are tied on either sides of the head....... all of the variations are wonderful........ nevertheless, as a man, wearing twin tails is an impossibility........despite loving them so much, I can only watch........ it's a shame that most girls give up on this hairstyle when they are in their late teens, perceiving it as childish........if only someday I could have twin tails........ that is something that I always dream of........ today is especially wonderful, to bask in the presence of such superb twin tails as soon as I entered the school building.........I Love Twin Tails......

" Here we go again...... ", bemoans Aika.

Earlier, during the morning session at school, there was the address of the Student Council President, Erina Shindou, of the Yougetsu Senior High Academy. Souji and Akia were in attendance, along with all the other students. Erina's speech goes on and on, but most of it, for Souji, 'goes in one ear and out the other'. Souji is transfixed on Erina's twin tail hairstyle---

........her sumptuous blonde hair is in twin tails down to her knees, twin tails that end in erotic corkscrews........her twin tails flutter right along with her....... SUCH BEAUTY........SUCH NOBILITY.........

The pretty homeroom teacher began the first class with having all the students fill out paperwork stating their school club affiliations and applications. After gathering up all of the forms, she finds that one form is missing a name and signature. " Mitsuka-kun ? This is your paper ? You want to establish a 'Twin Tails Club' ? You must really love twin tails ! " " THAT GOES WITHOUT SAYING ", belts out Souji. The teacher, in her inimitable style, then makes a backhanded comment that seems to mock Soji's heart's desire, and his club selection, as somewhat perverted.

Souji remembers what happened at school today in the homeroom, and regrets his verbal exchange with the teacher. He tells Aika that she, Aika, should have stood up and covered for him. Aika, Souji's childhood friend, with him through thick and thin (supposedly) ! Aika, the owner herself of magnificent twin tails, next door neighbor, and loved by all. Souji is proud of her, even if she......... gets made fun of when we are together.........has no particular experience with the opposite sex.........eats well, hits hard........has no breasts ..........

That comment gets Souji a 'bust to the chops' by Aika. Aika was thoroughly trained in the martial arts by her grandfather, after all. Surprisingly, Souji compliments her on her retaliation. Only now does Souji notice another person sitting at a nearby table, hiding behind an open newspaper. That's unusual; the restaurant is closed right now. Now this stranger is looking at Souji through an eye-hole in the newspaper! The stranger knows that attention is being focused on them, so they get up and introduce themselves---

Twoearle, the alien young woman, introduces herself to Souji.

" My name is Twoearle. ", says a pleasant, pretty, young woman with long gray-white hair and big boobs, wearing what looks like a minimal coverage cosplay outfit. Twoearle then turns to Aika, but when their eyes meet, they both take an instant disliking with one another. Both girls throw mild insults at each other. But Twoearle is really only interested in Souji, as Souji takes note of Twoearle's physical features.......she looks like a foreigner.........long, cascading silver hair........clear blue eyes like sapphires........long eyelashes..........cute, diminutive nose.........small, pink lips.........and of course, big boobs.........! Souji tells themselves that she would look great in twin tails. Somehow, Twoearle seems to read Souji's mind, as she next mentions that Souji obviously loves twin tails so very much! Twoearle, while speaking, deftly tries to slip a heavy bracelet onto his wrist. Aika sees that, and forcefully stops her from doing so. Twoearle insists that nothing is amiss, and for Souji to please "do an insertion" of his hand through the bracelet. Aika says that Twoearle, asking something like that, must be some sort of pervert. Twoearle replies that she will be very troubled if Souji doesn't wear the bracelet. Seeing how upset Aika is now, and how confused Souji is right about now, Souji asks why does Twoearle want him to wear the bracelet so badly ?

" BECAUSE TWIN TAILS WILL DISAPPEAR FROM THE WORLD, if you don't wear the bracelet !!! "

" But how ...........??? ", utters Souji, as Twoearle slyly, and finally, slips the bracelet on his wrist. Oh, no ! It won't come off, as Souji tries repeatedly to remove the bracelet. Aika tries to remove it, too, somewhat drastically, but is unsuccessful. " However, this is no time to screw around. We're in a bit of a hurry here! ", shouts Twoearle, as she opens a portal for an instantaneous long distance transport. Twoearle, Souji, and Aika are sucked into the portal, then it disappears.


The monster proclaims that all girls who wear their hair in twin tails will now have their desire to wear twin tails removed.

The monster and his minions confront a little girl wearing twin tails and holding onto a teddy bear plushie.

The three space-time travelers are relocated to a parking lot of a massive business building complex, quite some distance away, but still in Japan. Outside ? Where ? Did we just teleport ? What's all the commotion ? Souji is so confused. Aika, too ! Twoearle merely states that she intended to intercept the enemy before they began their battle campaign, but lost that initiative. The scene before them is horrendous. A tall, huge half-human like, half-lizard like being is commanding a group of minions, who are rounding up ordinary humans in some sort of collection campaign. The monster has confronted a little twin tailed girl holding her plushie. The monster announces to the large crowd---


The words 'twin tail girls' immediately gets Souji's attention. The monster goes on to address his minions, as well as the little girl, and all the other people watching the debacle. He says that the Commanding Officer (Dragguildy) has detected the 'Ultimate Twin Tail Attribute' here in this vicinity. Therefore, bring all twin tail girls to me right now ! To usurp the ultimate Twin Tail Attribute is our foremost objective. Those minions who find any twin tailed girls will be rewarded!

Erina, the Student Council President at school, awaits her turn to have her desire for twin tails removed, with her hair then becoming straight and bland.

Souji is thoroughly and completely flabbergasted ! He tries to reason---The minions want only twin tailed girls. What in the world are they doing collecting only twin tailed girls ? Next, one of the minions gently grabs and detains the little twin tail girl holding her teddy bear plushie. However, Aika directs Souji's attention to another part of the parking lot. There, a long couch has been set up, with a young girl sitting in the middle of the couch. Why, it's ERINA, THE STUDENT COUNCIL PREZ !!! The lizard monster (his name is Lizardguildy) is standing right in front of Erina. He gives Erina a large cat plushie to hold, and says that let's make you the first twin tail to be shown something wonderful(really? fer real?). A teleportation ring, with a glass barrier in it's center, is formed, hovering just above the couch. All the gathered twin tail girls will pass through this ring. " Begin ! ", shouts Lizardguildy. Erina seems to now be unconscious, as she leaves her cat plushie on the couch, and is levitated up and through the ring. Souji, looking on, becomes very agitated and upset. She comes out on the other side, but her hair is not in twin tails, only falling straight down to her knees. Aika speculates that the ring just makes your hair become undone ? Souji sees it from a different angle---

" THOSE BASTARDS ! How can I beat the hell out of them and restore the twin tails ? "

Aika tells Souji not to get so upset, but he is now 'fightin' mad', as he shakes Aika to 'knock some sense' into her. "Souji, you're hurting me!", pleads Aika. Souji lets go of Akia, and runs over to where Twoearle is. Before Souji can say anything, Twoearle smacks him with the real 'skinny'---

" Souji-sama ! Wish in your heart of hearts........that you want to transform ! If you really love twin tails, that bracelet should activate ! "

Souji responds, crying at the top of his voice, " I WANT TO TRANS---FORM !!!!!!! "

Souji disappears in a cloud of sparkles, energy flashes, smoke, and lightening bolts. Whether he realizes it or not, he has triggered, and is now going through a Henshin ( a Transformation Sequence ), that will change him into .......... someone very different and surprising, someone totally unlike himself, someone who can confront this monster, someone with tremendous power and ability, SOMEONE WHO CAN WEAR TWIN TAILS !

When the Henshin is done, and the energy aura clears, a small, dark, humanlike figure is kneeling on the ground in a battle formation. Her eyes are white hot pits of fire.

" WHO ........WHO ARE YOU ? " , shouts a very disturbed Lizardguildy!

" These girl's twin tails.......give them back ! YOU BASTARDS STOLE THEM........GIVE BACK THEIR TWIN TAILS !!!! " , shouts what looks like a thirteen or fourteen year old girl, dressed in a battle maiden's outfit, wearing her brilliant red and yellow hair in twin tails that almost touch her ankles, and right now is mad as hell !

With the flick of her wrist, Lizardguildy is throw backwards some distance, into a retaining wall. He hits the wall and practically demolishes it ! Lizardguildy covers for being overpowered with such ease, by telling the girl that he was overwhelmed by her innate and absolutely breathtaking cuteness ! What magnificent twin tails ! Our Commanding Officer's premonition that at this location would be the Ultimate Twin Tail, was correct. So it is you ! You are the Ultimate Twin Tail ! Without a doubt---THE ULTIMATE TWIN TAIL !!! Twoearle is looking on from afar, and slips into a pleasant stupor, as she giggles about the girl's impossibly high MOE factor, and that she is, indeed, SO INCREDIBLY CUTE !!! Akia, however, has a look of terror and horror come across her face, as she grapples with the impossible, thought for an absolute certainty, that the girl before all of them---could that be..... that twin tailed girl......is that actually Souji ???

The battle maiden girl catches sight of herself in the outside mirror of a minivan.

The battle maiden girl does not understand what the monster means by 'Ultimate Twin Tail' ? The girl is quite puzzled, until she catches sight of herself in the outside rear view mirror of a mini-van parked next to her. She looks upon herself, and is transfixed for several moments, trying to comprehend who she is and just what happened to her ??? The face staring back at her ........

" I'VE TURNED INTO A GIRL ~~~ !!!!!!!!!!!! " , exclaims the battle maiden, with thoroughly and completely unbounded happiness, joy, ecstasy, euphoria, delight, gleefulness, and untenable gratification !!!

Twoearle is still in her aura of drunken pleasantness (she's so cute!). Akia looks on with abject astonishment, incomprehension, melancholy, and utter disbelief.

"I'VE TURNED INTO A GIRL, A GIRL THAT WEARS HER HAIR IN TWIN TAILS !!!!!!!" Akia looks on in disbelief and incomprehension.

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AnonLv100 / 1 months ago

I think the anime made them a tad older---LOL!

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What did I even just read?

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I hope this goes further than the anime.

xannha / 3 months ago

ah, [first chapter], 7/10


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