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Ore, Twintail ni Narimasu. Pai




Souji Mitsuka, born a male, is a totally normal high school teenage boy, save for one passion. He absolutely and completely loves the girl's hairstyle of Twin Tails. Due to the efforts of an alien young woman from another dimension, he is brought into a struggle with monsters also coming from that other dimension. Their sole purpose in coming to Earth is to steal 'attribute power' from teenage girls, and others, who wear their hair in twin tails. Upon seeing the monsters do their dirty work firsthand, Souji becomes enraged at seeing girls lose their desire to wear twin tails. He asks Twoearle, the alien woman, what he can do to help defend this horrid display of greed and thief? She tells Souji to wish with all his heart to go through a Henshin (transformation sequence), this facilitated from a bracelet given to him earlier in the day by Twoearle. Your great love of twin tails, Souji, should activate the bracelet! So this Souji does, and is promptly ushered into a Henshin. When the transformation is through, "Souji" catches a glimpse of themselves in a outside mirror on a mini-van.


But what can a little girl, no more than thirteen or fourteen, a girl who wears twin tails, possibly do against the fearsome threat of dozens and dozens of monsters who are seemingly all powerful, and bent on having all the twin tail attributes to themselves ?

Chapter Overview

The person known as Soji before the Henshin, looks at themselves in the rear-view mirror of a parked mini-van. SOJI HAS BECOME THE PERSON THAT THEY HAVE ALWAYS IDOLIZED---A TEENAGE TWIN TAILED GIRL!!! The twin tailed girl is dressed in a battle maiden's outfit, and is being confronted by a monster from another dimension who is bent on havoc and pillaging the local community. This mostly manifests itself with the process of removing the desire to wear the twin tail hairstyle from females, mostly teenage girls. This is absolutely unacceptable to the twin tailed girl. She at first becomes apprehensive, but soon 'pulls herself together' to confront and address the monster. But the monster is not going to take things 'lying down', so he begins to attack the twin tailed girl with a variety of energized movements. The twin tailed girl is advised to access the tools in her battle maiden's power suit. This she does. Now the 'fur really begins to fly' between the twin tailed girl and the monster. Between the salvos, the monster reveals that his name is "Lizardguildy". Likewise, twin tailed girl states that her name is "TAILRED"! The battle rages on, but because TailRed is powered by the "love of twin tails", she overpowers and prevails against Lizardguildy. He accepts his defeat, and dissipates into thin air. TailRed gets to see the various adolescent girls have their hair restyled and returned to twin tails. However, she scoots away before any real publicity is focused on her. She retires to fight another day. Meanwhile, on the spaceship that the monsters used to come to this solar system, several more monsters are reviewing the just finished battle between TailRed and Lizardguildy, and vow to reengage her in battle in the near future.

This Chapter's Story

Looking at herself in the mirror of the parked mini-van for the first time, the little girl is nonplussed. Dozens of thoughts and feelings race through her mind. What happened to me just now ? Why did I turn into a girl ? Why am I wearing twin tails, not to mention this battle maiden's outfit ? And on, and on, and on. The monster, called Lizardguildy, also is looking at the new girl on the scene. He tells himself that this tween girl, the more that he fixes his gaze upon her, the more splendid she and her twin tails become ! In fact, Lizardguildy shouts out that this tween girl is the "Ultimate Twin Tail", and as such, he will promptly remove her desire to wear such elegant twin tails, like right now ! He sends several of his minions to descend upon her and capture her, however, the twin tailed tween girl in the red and white outfit closes her eyes and screams---


A dozen or more of the minions are halted, and by some unknown force, repelled backward into the side of a tall glass and steel building, busting the glass panes, and putting huge dents into the side of it. Seeing his minions defeated with no more than a 'flick of her wrist', Lizardguildy bellows out that the twin tailed tween took out all those Ultiroids in one blow! I have to say---



Suddenly, a voice seems to be speaking right inside the mind of the twin tailed tween girl. It is the voice of Twoearle, the alien young woman. She is communicating with the twin tailed girl by means of the "Tail Gear", the red and white battle maiden's power suit. Twoearle tells the twin tailed tween girl to think up and announce a name for herself! The twin tailed tween becomes lost in thought as many questions assault her mind, and as she ponders what she is to do next. Should she wait for someone to tell her what her name should be ? What is "Tail Gear", and is this cute, little girl's 'playtime costume' supposed to go up against those mysterious beings ? Why do I have to transform ? Isn't this transformation just a form of perversion ? Since the monsters are perverts, am I supposed to become a pervert, too ? Am I fighting fire with fire ? I don't know who I'm supposed to be anymore !!!

Seeing the twin tailed tween girl in a quandary right now, Lizardguildy barks out commands to his Ultiroid minions. He tells them that he's not sure what is going on right now, but he can't bear to see such a cute tween girl so downhearted. Get her some animal and anime girl plushies, and have her hold them in her arms for comfort! This the minions try to do, however, the twin tailed tween girl says to "Stop It!", and again 'flicks her wrist', as the minions are repelled and sent flying into the sky. Lizardguildy says to himself that this tween girl is the ultimate example of body strength and abject, unbridled cuteness. He is deeply moved by his meeting with her. Yet he bellows out in a loud voice---


" I......I REFUSE !!! ", shouts back the twin tailed tween girl.

"Looks like we will have to do things the HARD WAY!!!"


Lizardguildy crosses his wrists, and a beam of light and energy materializes, and shoots towards the twin tailed tween girl. She dodges it, as it narrowly misses her. She instinctively turns her back towards him, giving him time to move in to right in front of her, and holding out an animal plushie for her, insists that she hold it in her small, delicate hands.

Meanwhile, Aika and Twoearle are having their own troubles between themselves. Akia confronts Twoearle. What about "Tail Gear?" That battle maiden's power suit; is it the only armament that is strong enough to go up against these monsters ? Twoearle utters seeming nonsense, so Aika grabs her big boobs and squeezes hard---


Meanwhile, Lizardguildy puts the outstretched palm of his clawed hand to the back of the twin tailed tween girl's head, and a force field knocks the twin tailed tween girl away from him and sends her flying into the air. "Excellent!", proclaims Lizardguildy. He screams that twin tails fluttering in the air, along with the brilliance of force field beams........He feels as if he is hallucinating, and playing in a mythical world ! The twin tailed tween girl calls back to him that he is certainly hallucinating, and as a consequence to stop looking at her with "those eyes" ! So creepy ! Next, Lizardguildy clenches his outstretched hand into a fist, and a force field captures the twin tailed tween girl like a tractor beam, brings her back towards him, and causes her to smash into his huge chest, with her eyes closed and her arms encircling his torso.

" I WANT TO TOUCH YOUR TWIN TAILS !!! ", loudly proclaims Lizardguildy.

The twin tailed tween girl regroups and swings her fist at Lizardguildy with an uppercut. It connects with his chest, and he is sent backwards, forcefully dropping to the ground, and rolling along like a line drive baseball. He stops some distance away, wondering what just happened ???

The twin tailed tween girl tries to catch her breath. As she does, she quietly begins whispering to herself. What is with this guy ? He keeps trying to engage with me. Disgusting ! Persistent bastard ! He is like some idiot who can only do the same thing over and over again.......twin tails.......Twin Tails......TWIN TAILS.......!!!!!!! What kind of twin tail loving freak is he ? However, a profound understanding now descends upon the twin tailed girl. A mental picture of Souji drooling at Aika, pleading that twin tails are the best, comes to mind. Suddenly, she sees what Souji looks like by other people. Disgusting ? Persistent bastard ? When Souji talked passionately about twin tails, probably most of the time others do not know the first thing about the little girl's hairstyle of twin tails. Even if they were familiar with the hair style, they would look at Souji with suspicious and alarmed eyes. So what is wrong with advocating for your favorite twin tail hairstyle ? That is the way that it was always though of. But in every one of those other people's eyes, a reflection of a monster stared back at me. The twin tailed tween girl now crouches down and covers her face with her hands with shame, guilt, and embarrassment. She now can't stand to look at other people who don't know anything about her. To other people, she must have always looked like a horrible monster, just like the one in front of me now! " AAAAHHHHHH !!! "

Suddenly, a lone voice cries out loudly to the twin tailed tween girl. It is Aika's voice---

" MAINTAIN YOUR COMPOSURE !!! For all your boasting and bragging about your love of twin tails, it only amounts to this much ...... ? If you can't do anything right here and now to absolve yourself, then you are no better than those monsters. If you are going to do something to honor your love of twin tails and present yourself as who you are, then do it right and proper! YOUR RIBBONS HOLDING YOUR TWIN TAILS........TOUCH THE RIBBONS AND PICTURE SOMETHING IN YOUR MIND THAT YOU CAN USE! Please defeat the monsters, prove to me that you really are different from them! Only you can defeat them right now!"

A look of understanding comes across the twin tailed tween girl's face, as she closes her eyes and smiles. " THANK YOU, AKIA ! " She silently tells herself that she sees everything now. She has come to her senses. It's like Aika says, I really am like those monsters after all. But I am different in another way. I would never do things like give twin tailed girls a hard time, or steal their desires, or force them to stop wearing twin tails. I WOULD NEVER DO SUCH THINGS !!! The twin tailed tween girl touches her hand to the barrettes holding her twin tails at the sides of her head. She then screams at the top of her feminine, little girl's voice---


" I WILL PROTECT WORLD PEACE.......and by that I mean the right to wear twin tails.........!"

Flames spring up above her outstretched hand, held just above her twin tail barrettes. Lizardguildy tells himself that it looks like the flames are taking the shape of an elaborate sword.

" JUST AS YOU WISHED, HERE COMES BLAZER BLADE !!! ", screams the twin tailed tween girl to Lizardguildy.

" Are we getting cheeky now ? ", Lizardguildy utters in defiance. He shoots forth another power beam directly at the twin tailed tween girl's face, but it only deflects around her head by a shield-like aura. Lizardguildy thinks to himself; what a formidable foe! The twin tailed tween girl outstretches her arms, holding the sword engulfed in flames, and pointing it away from her side, parallel to the ground. Lizardguildy loudly proclaims---

" MY NAME IS LIZARDGUILDY, OF ULTIMAGIL, COMMANDER OF THIS SPIRITUAL ATTRIBUTE COLLECTION CAMPAIGN IN JAPAN. You fight with conviction, that makes my heart flutter, just like when I see a little girl holding a plushie! Once more, I request that you identify and name yourself ! "


MY NAME IS......


The twin tailed tween girl, TailRed, brandishes her sword in front of Lizardguildy, telling him that she does not want to be remembered by a monster that has such creepy convictions! Lizardguildy responds by saying that if the two of us both love twin tails, then we both walk the same path. TailRed objects, stating that we two are nothing alike! Lizardguildy points out that TailRed's twin tails would not shine so brightly, if she did not love them from the bottom of her heart. TailRed says that he, the monster, understands that comment all too well. So much so that it is such that he, Lizardguildy, wants nothing more than to touch and stroke her twin tails. Touch ? TailRed again objects, insisting that he is wrong; twin tails only shine with unbridled love. And with that, TailRed brings her sword into the battle, by calling up "AURA PILLAR", a pillar of fire that engulfs her sword. She swings her sword around and around, as a beam of power is launched forth, and strikes Lizardguildy squarely in the chest. He is instantly immobilized. "And now for the finishing touch! ", exclaims TailRed. She swings her sword behind her, with her arms reaching over her shoulders, and grasping the sword behind her. She then raises up the sword, again engulfed in flames, up and over her head, bringing it down towards the ground. A final bolt of power and flames is ejected towards Lizardguildy. " GRAND BLAZER!!! " Lizardguildy himself becomes engulfed in flames, and his body morphs into a pure white shadow and silhouette.

Lizardguildy continues to speak, but it seems that his voice is coming from a disembodied shell of what used to be his body---

" Fu~Fu~Fu! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! Splendid! To meet my end at the hands of the Ultimate Twin Tail! What regrets could I possibly have now ? I have long though that this is the proper way to come to my end." Lizardguildy begins to actually hallucinate now. He asks for someone to take a commemorative photo of this fantastic event. This being with TailRed holding an anime girl plushie, and resting her head on his shoulder, as if she was a little girl who has just fallen asleep! "Thank you and Farewell!" TailRed is nonplussed by his behavior, but finally shouts out---


But Lizardguildy disappears into thin air, like a white fog that is lifted and quickly thins out, is dissipated, then gone.

Little girls are having their twin tails restored, then returned to their parents.

TailRed mumbles to herself, that, Hoot-Mon, that freak-o-zoid gave me shivers and goosebumps right to the end! Both voices of Aika and Twoearle are now coming across the TailGear intercom, congratulating TailRed on her victory. And with that, the stolen twin tail attributes are beginning to return to their owners. A large ring levitating in the air just above the battle scene, the purpose of such was the removal of the desire to wear twin tails, begins to break apart into tiny pieces, and fall to the ground like snow. A group of pre-adolescent little girls come under an invisible force field that gently and lovingly gathers their hair and styles it into twin tails. This begins happening all over. As each little girl has her hair returned to twin tails, she is then freed to go to their father, mother, sibling, or guardian, who receives their child, and hugs them for reassurance. TailRed looses track of time and space, as she watches the restoration events unfolding, and the happiness and peace that comes upon each and every one who had their hair restored to twin tails.

A high school girl comes from hiding behind a large rock, and thanks TailRed for saving all the girls' twin tails, herself now wearing her golden blonde hair in twin tails. It takes a few moments for TailRed to recognize the high school girl---she is the PRESIDENT OF THE STUDENT COUNCIL!!! TailRed is so flabbergasted that she manages to only spit out a meek retort that she 'was just passing through'! The President heaps praises upon TailRed, as TailRed is mortified to tears and greatly embarrassed. The President then wants to know if us two will ever meet again ? TailRed states that will happen so long as you love twin tails. Yet the President only looks away in a mood of shame and guilt. TailRed is greatly shocked and surprised by the President's silent dismissal of her.

" YOUNG MISS ......... ", comes a shouting voice from a young woman wearing a professional maid's outfit. The Gothic/Lolita style maid comes upon the President, and asks if she is all right? The President gestures toward TailRed, saying that this person saved me. But TailRed is long gone! The maid inquires as to what is wrong? The President is silent, staring off into empty space where TailRed used to be, with sorrow and regret on her face, and with tears welling up in her big eyes.

" ....it's nothing......", barely whispers the President, .....you probably have gone on to your next battle ......."

Suddenly, a ways away, male Shouji stumbles onto the scene, wondering what just happened? Aika hugs him passionately, pleading that he is not hurt. Twoearle becomes completely jealous of Souji and Aika locked in such a loving, yet erotic embrace. Tears come to both teenagers eyes, with Souji silently, and with deep regret, thinking to himself as to how much did the President see of the tremendous battle between TailRed and Lizardguildy?

Akia hugs Souji, trying to find out if he has been injured? She almost does a Love Confession right here and now!


" Lizardguildy LOST ??? TO A HUMAN LITTLE GIRL ??? " A group of the alien monsters, called 'Elemelians', are looking at a flat-screen monitor of a reply of the battle that has just taken place. Ridiculous ! Impossible ! No Way !!! Lizardguildy paid for his miscalculations !

"BE QUIET !!!", shouts an especially large and strong Elemelian (The Supreme Commander of all of the Earth's Collection Campaign Activities), as he grasps a hand-held iphone, and pokes it in the face of one in the group of aliens, "This small child, this little girl, there must be some sort of miscalculation afoot.....Nevertheless, it is especially true that when an unexpectedly strong opponent comes your way, THAT A WARRIOR'S BLOOD BEGINS TO BOIL !!! "

Chapter Lookback and Commentary