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Soji, I am so proud of you ! TailRed, I am so proud of you, too !



(観束 未春 Mitsuka Miharu)


Voiced by: Hiromi Igarashi (Japanese); Jennifer Green (English)


Miharu's Story

Sōji's 36-year-old mother. A widow who runs her own café named Adolescenza (アドレシェンツァ Adoreshentsa). Miharu's husband is deceased. Soji Mitsuka is her only child.

Youthful looking Miharu (left) and mature looking Soji (right) look like siblings, instead of mother and offspring.

Soji's feminine looks and demure seems to have come from their mother, Miharu, as they look almost as if they were siblings, instead of mother and son/daughter. She is aware of her son's gender authentication is that of a Bigenderist, who potentially has a female Gender Identity, and therefore also knows that Soji Mitsuka changes gender expression back and forth from a teenage male ( at school, home, while working, and with friends ), to that of a teenage female named Solar ( at home and out in public ), and also to that of a teenage female Twin Tail Warrior named TailRed ( out in public when confronting the Elemelians , and elsewhere). She openly supports her only offspring, who has vowed to accept the role of a teenage female Twin Tail, and battle the Elemelians. Miharu has expressed herself on occasion that she has often dreamed of being in the position of being a heroine herself, and is so proud that she can aid TailRed in her noble duties.

Miharu helps out at the Command Center for the Twin Tail Warriors, and gets to see them do their Henshins ( transformation sequences ).

Miharu does double duty as both the owner and manager of a cafe and coffee shop, and that of a 'tiger mom' who helps out Solar andTailRed on occasion. Although being too old to command Tail Gear herself and become a Twin Tail Warrior, nevertheless, Miharu wholeheartedly helps out at the Underground Command Center for the Twin Tails that was build beneath her house and cafe by Twoearle. Despite Twoearle being an alien being from another dimension, Miharu gets along surprisingly well with her, as they agree on many things. She also seemingly does not mind Twoerle's attempts at seducing Sōji and even asks her to 'make her offspring a hero / heroine'. Miharu also loves Aika as if she were her own daughter. However, Miharu greatly encourages Aika to befriend and comfort Soji during times of discouragement and need, not realizing that Aika is really much more than a childhood friend to Soji, that Aika is actually for some time now deeply in love with Soji/Solar. Nevertheless, Miharu seeks to keep the peace in her household, and to benefit all that come to her home and patronize her cafe.