Solar dressed for the cold and snow, with a black mini-skirt, black knee-socks, scarf, and heavy jacket.

" Can someone help me put ribbons in my

twin tails ? "



TailRed / Solar Voiced by: Sumire Uesaka (Japanese); Bryn Apprill (English)


Profile Note---Soji's Henshin ( Transformation Sequence ) Bracelet is the alien device that not only serves as a digital storage file for the Red Tail Gear, but facilities the transformation of Soji from an anatomically correct male, to an anatomically correct female. If the command is to 'suit up' for battle, then the Henshin not only changes Soji from male to female, but outfits her in the Red Tail Gear, to present as TailRed. If the command is to merely transition from male to female, without the Red Tail Gear, then the presentation is an ordinary teenage girl named " Solar ".



Solar is Soji in day-to-day teenage female form, therefore, Solar has about the same body size, body shape, and many other physical features as does Soji. However, Solar is an anatomically correct female. She has the same hair texture as does TailRed, that of brilliant red hair, with hers gradually changing to fire yellow at the tips, and styled in twin tails that reach almost to her ankles. Her face is a bit angular, with a pointed chin. She has an anime girl's 'big eyes', but with a more vertical oval shape to them, and has auburn crystal eye color. Solar's skin tone is medium-to-tan beige, and has the same creamy evenness about it so as to look very feminine and attractive.

At school, Solar wears the female school uniform, one obtained by and lent to her from Erina. For casual wear, Solar dons a white with maroon trim T-shirt, a dark colored pleated mini-skirt, and black knee-high boots.


Many of Soji's personality traits are shared with Solar, however, she has several traits that are unique to her. Solar, like Soji, has a deep passion for the twin tail hairstyle, and styles her hair similar to TailRed's twin tails. Solar is also a loner, but consents to the friendship of Aika, who she knows to be a childhood friend and having her best interests at heart. More interested in her personal appearance and in beauty secrets than Soji, Solar enjoys being in front of a mirror, admiring herself and her fashion styles. Solar is a quick learner, navigating the toilet, learning to manage her twin tails, as well as other daily matters, in record time. Solar also has the same loyalty to her friends and family, willing to help them whenever possible.