Twearle, the Alien Girl from another alternate universe.

" My name is Twoearle. Do you like Twin Tails ? Then take this red bracelet . . . . "



Twoearle (トゥアール Tuāru?)
Voiced by: Maaya Uchida (Japanese);
Morgan Garrett (English)


Twoearle is an alien female from another dimension and planet, who has the appearance of a young human adult woman. She is a little taller and larger than a typical collage age woman, with an hourglass figure, a larger bust, and very long legs. She has a full head of hair, light grey in color, that becomes huge bangs that fall downward and just about cover her lower back. Twoearle used to wear her hair in twin tails, and had a special pair of barrettes to hold them, but when her planet was defeated by the Elemelians, she decided not to wear twin tails anymore as a sign of lamentation for her unsuccessful defense. She has a cute, full face with a slightly pointed chin, and really huge anime girl 'big eyes' showing a bright blue eye color. With a creamy skin tone, she always looks like she just stepped out of a beauty parlor.

Twoearle has a rather limited fashion wardrobe, mostly wearing the outfit that she had on when she first came to Earth. She wears a white bodysuit under a black tight-fitting cardigan, with a maroon pleated mini-skirt. Two white belts criss-cross her waist, with a white lab coat over her entire outfit. Black knee-high boots adorn her feet.


Twoearle is a mysterious girl who comes from another planet, probably in another dimension. Being given to infatuation, Soji quickly becomes the object of her interest, especially when it becomes apparent that Twoearle's personal TailGear needs to be reassigned to another Twin Tail Warrior girl, since Twoearle has vowed not to fight as a Twin Tail again. Being somewhat devious, she enjoys teasing Aika because of her own large bust compared to Aika's almost flat chest, and often ends up grievously injured for it. She fell in love with Sōji at first sight and openly tries to seduce him, with his mother's approval. After Sōji defeats the first wave of attacks from the monsters, she receives permission from Soji's mother to build a command center under their house, showing her leadership abilities. Later, she decides to transfer into Yōgetsu Private Academy as a student and calls herself Sōji's relative. Perhaps she has become lonely, or it may be that she wants to be close to Soji. As Twoearle becomes friends with the human teenagers that she meets, she feels it necessary to give them advice on a variety of topics. Unfortunately, because Twoearle is not familiar with human social customs and situations, many times her advice is actually to one's detriment, as with the case of her giving bad advice to Erina about the subject of what is good literature. Twoearle's age is never stated or reveled, but she appears to be in her late teens or early twenties, at least according to Earth time.


Before arriving on Earth, she was the original Tail Blue, but gave up her twin-tail hair style and her Tail Gear as a sign of defeat against the Elemelians. She then rebuilt and painted her Blue TailGear to make TailRed's Red TailGear, after she lost the ability to defend her people, and her world lost all its 'attributes' to the Elemelians. Being on Earth, and now working with humans, gives her another chance to stop and defeat the monsters who so thoroughly wrecked her world, thereby gaining the justice that she so keenly feels.